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Tag wellness

Serotonin – Lets get happy

Serotonin – often touted as the “happy brain chemical” is the focus of this blog. ¬†The ideas presented are not new, and have been well …

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3 steps to manage holiday stress!

Stress is inevitable around the holiday season so management is your best option. Stress is linked to – lowered immune function, high cortisol, weight gain, …

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5 Reasons to See a Naturopathic Doctor before Back to School.

The days are getting shorter, nights are cooling off, and the kids are gearing up for back to school. Today’s blog post is dedicated to …

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Why choose a natural sunscreen

The month of June is associated with the start of summer. Along with this is the end of school year, the smell of bbq and …

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It’s all in your gut?

I’m sure we have all heard it at one point or another – “It’s all in your head.” Research is showing that¬†microbiotia (or gut flora) …

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