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What to expect

New Patients

Becoming a new patient anywhere can be a daunting experience, and it is important to determine if the practitioner is a good fit for you.
Consider booking a 15 minute complementary visit, in which you can ask more about Naturopathic Medicine and how it may benefit you.

*This visit will not include any treatment*

So you have booked a visit, what is next?

Completing the confidential intake form prior to the first visit provides an in depth look at your health, and can be utilized as a starting point for development of a treatment plan. During the first visit this form will be used as a guideline for gathering a complete health history.

Your first visit

Please bring:

During the Visit

Your first visit will be an hour in length and will include full health history, and complaint oriented physical exam. There will be a portion of the visit dedicated to goal setting as well as discussing treatment plan.

Follow up

Follow up will typically occur approximately 2 weeks after the initial visit, this allows time for treatments provided in the first visit to start to take effect. After this time follow ups will be based on individual treatment plan and goals.
Shorter more frequent follow ups may be needed for someone working on weight loss and maintenance, or someone who is receiving acupuncture treatments.
For some individuals biannual follow up during seasonal changes, or times of change may be all that is needed to re-evaluate their treatment plan.