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Fertility more then just folate

After attending a recent conference on Perinatal Health, I was reminded about how important health status of both men and women is before conception. ┬áThis …

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Folate vs Folic Acid – What’s the Difference.

  Folate and folic acid are terms that are often used interchangeable when discussing water soluble vitamin B9 (folacin). Folic acid is the synthetic form …

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How to manage the “F” word, in children.

  As a mom and a Naturopathic Doctor, I can relate to the fear around the “F” word – fevers in children. There is absolutely …

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Infant foods – beyond the mush

Most of my blog posts are inspired by topics that I see in clinical practice, but this blog originates from my family life. My son …

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Why choose a natural sunscreen

The month of June is associated with the start of summer. Along with this is the end of school year, the smell of bbq and …

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“Tooting my own horn” – literally

Today’s post is about how I used Naturopathic Medicine at home with my little man, with huge success. I’ve been rolling along with the parent …

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