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How to have a healthy PERIOD… Period.

tips on how toplan thebest class reunion ever!

Starting off this week with some tips for the ladies.

Especially the women in your teen years, try these options before starting on the pill as a way of “normalizing”, “reducing pain” or “controlling” your period. If you start on an oral contraceptive pill to fix your period, those problems are still going to be there when you come off.

  1. Balance stress – specifically cortisol.  Long term elevations of cortisol will result in the reduction of progesterone.  Deficiency in progesterone a key hormone in the second half of your menstrual cycle can result in painful periods, premenstrual symptoms, early periods, and heavy periods.
  2. Get enough sleep – sleep will help to take care of balancing stress (above), through hormone regulation that occurs with optimal amount of sleep.  Try turning the lights down low in the evening, eliminating blue light from smartphones and tablets.
  3. Exerciseso many benefits, decreases stress, helps to balance blood sugar and a big one is the improved circulation it brings to your pelvic organs.
  4. Decrease Inflammation – your immune system creates messengers to things in our environment (cigarette smoke, environmental toxins, inflammatory foods, and unhealthy intestinal bacteria), these messengers can disrupt the signals to your hormones… thus impacting your period.

tips on how toplan thebest class reunion ever!


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