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Week 3 – Whole 30 Challenge

Wow, this challenge is flying by.

Week 3

Challenges – This week I did some baking for my son and husband, although they are following the diet with me for all main meals, I could tell they were craving some treats.  I made some apple, avocado, banana “mummins” (That’s toddler for muffins), and although I bake with gluten free and refined sugar free ingredients it was a struggle not to taste one of those muffins.

Successes – I can honestly say I don’t think I will ever want to go back to “cereal” based breakfasts again.  The energy and satiety from a hearty breakfast is something that I’m loving.

Basic recipe for an All Star Breakfast

1-2 homemade breakfast sausages (I have been alternating between chicken, turkey and pork) – This is your protein component

1/2 cup of cooked squash/pumpkin/sweet potatoe- This is your carbohydrate component

1 cup of fresh greens (I’ve been alternating between spinich and kale) – if you like you can wilt them in the pan as your warming up the other dish components

1/2 avacado or generous drizzle of olive oil – This is your fat component, it is needed to help keep you full as well to ensure your absorbing all the wonderful nutrients your body needs.

The wonderful thing about homemade breakfast sausages is that YOU get to decide what to put in them, here are a few of my favourite combinations

  • Turkey – poultry seasoning, dried or fresh cranberries

  • Chicken – grated zucchini, carrot, and sage

  • Pork –  grated garlic, apple, and FENNEL (it’s my favourite)

Before you say that sounds like too much work and that you don’t have time for this in the morning, it literally takes 5 minutes for all of these components to warm up in a frying pan.  I got a lot of jealous stares from my husband this week when I was eating this breakfast and he was munching on a bowel of cheerios =)  By end of the week he joined me.

So the countdown is on till the end of the 30 days – keep following along as I reintroduce some the the foods I have been avoiding.

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