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My October Personal Challenge


This post is a bit different then my typical posts that typically focus on medical conditions and treatment.  Today I’m sharing my personal challenge for the month of October, in hopes that my readers and patients will make a positive change for their health.

Following back to school, September can be challenging for many people in different ways whether it be finding a routine, coping with stress, or any other challenge that life throws your way.

Even though I on a regular basis recommend elimination diets to patients and have done a number on my own, its always a humbling experience to embark on one yourself.  In the past my elimination diets have consisted of dairy free, gluten free, egg and soy free meals.  Recently I came across the book the Whole30, it is dedicated to 30 days of whole food diet which targets eliminating foods that trigger inflammation within the body.  For more information on inflammation check out my previous blog post here.

The difference between this elimination diet and others I’ve done before is removal of all grains, any sweeteners and legumes (bye bye gluten free grains and peanut butter, and honey).

Today I’m on Day 6 of the Whole30 diet challenge, and I will show you a quick snapshot of what the first week has been like.  

Day 1 – October 1st

I purposely started the diet on the first day of the month in order to maintain my accountability, an added bonus was that it was also a Thursday the day I get my veggie box from the market.  I did a bunch of food prep Thursday morning before I saw patients in the clinic in the afternoon.

Day 2 – I’ll have to admit changing up my breakfast routine from a smoothie or a protein muffin to whole food was a bit of a change.  We often want something sweet in the morning to bring our blood sugar up quickly so having something savory can take a bit of getting used to.

Day 3 –  This day would present my first real challenge for the Whole30, I attended a “learn to paint” night with friends.  These events inevitable have challenges, comfort food and wine, I prepared myself with a snack pack of veggies and some naturally flavoured carbonated water – crisis averted.

Day 4 –  My mom decided to join me for the challenge so by spending the day with her allowed us to share some food prep.  Since it happened to be Sunday, we also spent some time getting outside and walking with my son, it made for an enjoyable day.

Day 5 –  I woke up this morning feeling really rested, felt like a got a really deep sleep. Back to the work week, but breakfasts are getting easier, and much of the food prep I did over the weekend paid off, allowing me to have chicken soup from my leftover chicken, and pre-cooked turkey patties for breakfast.  I did however have to use an emergency snack mid afternoon between patients at work.  Whole30 allows larabars (the ones without chocolate chips), I needed one for a pick me up.

Day 6 –  Leftover, upon leftovers make for easy breakfast and lunches, thanks to by husband who is helping with the food prep for dinner today.

To see more of what I’m eating follow me on Instagram – ashleybeetonnd or check out my Facebook page and click on the Instagram tab

I’ll post again next week to share my 2 week progress.

For more information on embarking on an elimination diet challenge or finding out how diet can impact your overall health contact me. 

In my next blog I will touch on grains and their link to autoimmune conditions something that impacts everyone, myself included.


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