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Is your blood sugar effecting your sleep?

Awake at 3am

This is an important post because many of us struggle with insomnia at one point or another.

I fall asleep fine, but I always wake up sometime between 1-3am, and sometimes I can’t fall back asleep.

This is a phrase I commonly hear in practice.  This post will discuss what is happening in our body at this time of night, and why our sleep can be effected.

Our bodies have numerous hormones which must work in a well balanced sequence to maintain optimal health.  This goes for sleep as well, since our hormones follow a daily rhythm an upset to this balance can lead to interrupted sleep.

Blood glucose (blood sugar) and cortisol (your bodies stress hormone – read more about that here), both have an interplay which support or hinder sleep.

If blood glucose drops off too quickly during sleep resulting in hypoglycemia, cortisol may be released to signal the body to raise blood sugar, by using energy stores from the liver. 

The result of the cortisol release is the stimulation of the brain that can cause you to wake.

So what can you do to help support your sleep?

Try having a small snack before bed that provides a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates.  An example could be a rice cracker with a small portion of nut butter.

This can be a starting point for achieving a better sleep.

If you are still struggling with sleep consider booking an appointment for a individualized treatment plan to help support your sleep.

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