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Stressed & Sleepless

Do you find yourself watching the clock or waking up with racing thoughts?

Our bodies stress hormone, cortisol can play a huge role in ensuring a restful sleep.  The progression of a normal sleep pattern is to start in stage one and two sleep progressing to stage three, four and REM sleep in the second half of the night.  The normal pattern of cortisol production by our body, follows a wave pattern with the lowest point being at midnight and highest at 9 am.

When stress is high, and there is no stress management or support for increased levels of circulating cortisol sleep is disrupted.  The result is more time spent in stage one and two of sleep, and overall poor sleep.

Management techniques can include stress reduction exercises like deep breathing, or journaling before sleep.  There are many nutrients, like vitamin C, and botanicals that can help support cortisol levels.

Consultation with Naturopathic Doctor well help to develop and individualize treatment plan to support balance of cortisol within your body. 

Does this sound like you? Are you someone who likes objective results? Do you want to see it on paper? In my next blog I will discuss Salivary Hormone testing for CORTISOL.

In the meantime to read how cortisol can effect your weight check out this earlier post, here.

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