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Hot flashes got you all hot and bothered?

The temperature has been rising, and for many peri or post menopausal women this means more uncomfortable hot flashes.

Hot flashes are the most common symptom related to menopause, the average length a women will be effected by hot flashes ranges from 6 months to 2 years, but for some symptoms can last longer.

The cause of hot flashes has been linked to the decline of estrogen which happens around menopause. As with any aspect of health it is often not this cut and dry.  Many of the cases of hot flashes I see in clinical practice have additional components of stress, anxiety, sleep disruption and weight gain.

For an introduction to how estrogen effects your body check out this three part blog series here.

A individualized treatment plan for hot flashes focuses on balancing hormones and implementing lifestyle changes to treat symptoms.  After all it is much easier to feel better when you are sleeping at night, and not worrying about changing the sheets.

A simple remedy to try at home to help hot flashes is to brew a strong cup of sage tea, and drink before bed, alternatively use the sage tea in a spray bottle to spritz on your body as needed.



This post is not a replacement for a visit to a health care practitioner,  and is for educational purposes.

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