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Spring cleaning for your body.

In the modern environment there are as many as 80000 commercial and industrial chemicals in use within the United States.  This statistic can be troubling given there is little information about the health effects of these substances. 

Research studies have also documented that persistent organic pollutants (POPs), a common category of toxins, which include dioxins, phthalates, PDBEs and PCBs are found in every individual over 12 years of age.

This knowledge makes the importance of regular detoxification vital for health maintenance.

Organs of Detoxification

Liver – functions to detoxify by taking fat soluble toxins an making them water soluble for elimination. This transformation from fat soluble to water soluble happens in two phases, if both phases are not functioning, the buildup metabolites from phase 1 can be more damaging to the body then the original toxin.

Kidneys – specializes in excretion of water soluble toxins.  It is important for urine to be alkaline to ease in excretion of toxins.

Lymph System – is responsible for removing toxins from the matrix (area between cells and organs).  Signs of sluggish lymphatics include swelling, chronic illness, and enlarged lymph nodes.

Lungs – act as both a barrier as well as a point of excretion of toxins in gaseous form (eg. CO2, or radon).

Mucous membranes (MM) – the location of the bulk of our immune tissue is present here.  The MM plays a huge role in what enters our body internally, when not functioning more toxins may enter the body.

Skin – the largest organ in the body after the mucous membranes. Due to constant contact with outside world, skin is often a major source of toxins.  

With many organs involved in the process of detoxification,  is not something that should be attempted alone or with over the counter products.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to take a case history and develop personalized treatment based on needs of each patient.  This is important because interactions between pharmaceuticals or other supplements need to be assessed.

Tools that may be utilized in detoxification process:

  • BIA (body composition analysis)
  • Supplements
  • Sauna or other form of hydrotherapy
  • Dietary Modifications


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