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Hockey and your Health

With tonight being the first night NHL Hockey for the 2013-2014 season many are excited to gear up and start cheering.

But, what does hockey have to do with a health blog?

Hockey as with any sport has a few components that relate directly to everyday life.  There is an undoubtedly a physical component to sports, whether it be endurance, strength or speed.  The physical side of sport needs to be supported by healthy diet, proper technique and training.  The mind component of sport is multifaceted as well and can be directly related to how we move through life.  Having the mental capacity to focus on the game, relate with other players, the ability to respond to unexpected changes with ease, are things we encounter everyday.

Some basics to take home about how sports skills can be utilized in your life.

  • Breathing exercises –  they are used by all of the great sports stars as a way of to control stress and muscle tension, block out negative or distracting thoughts, and refocus their attention on task
  • Guided imagery – similar to breathing exercise but instead focuses on visualizing a task being completed with success, or a site of injury healing and even pain decreasing
  • Feed your body – this doesn’t mean swinging by the drive thur, instead en devour to give your body what it needs, nourishing food, regular movement and of course rest



And of course just for my husband, a shout out – GO SENS GO!


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