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Summer Health Tips for the Whole Family

Naturopathic Health Tips for your Family this Summer.

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Whether you are driving up north to go camping, flying overseas,  visiting family out of town, or just visiting some of the local summer hot spots be, consider some of these health tips.

 1. Before any travel, make sure you give your immune system some support.  Simple things can really help your immune system function better, for at least one week before you travel: avoid sweets including fruit juices; eat your veggies; be more generous with ginger and garlic; eat your mushrooms – eg: shiitake,  even white button can increase your body’s defences against microorganisms; supplement with a high quality multistrain probiotic.

2. Put together a natural “first aid kit”  In addition to the basic medical components, add other important naturopathic parts: homeopathic “arnica 30CH” – helpful against  painful minor traumas; trameel cream;  and lavender essential oil – helpful to keep you refreshed, rubbed on the belly or your temples it can help against tummy aches and headaches, and even nausea, also antibacterial when applied topically.  Talk to your ND at your next visit about other additions to your Naturopathic First Aid Kit.

3. Keep cool and hydrated.  It’s important to drink water, dilute juices and herbal teas to beat the effects of high summer temperatures. Cool soups like gazpacho and adding mint leaf to your meals/beverages helps keep your body cool.  Check out the recipe below for a tasty homemade lemonade.

4. Take a multivitamin.  Remember, you may not be in full control of your diet while out of town, or there may be temptation of ice cream and other summertime treats, so a daily multivitamin makes sense.

5. Be sun savvy and care for your skin.  There are both risk and benefits that go along with sun exposure.  From the benefits of vitamin D, to the the fears of skin cancers, and the questions surrounding the safety of chemicals found in sunscreens.  Moderation is key, so remember to dress appropriately, cover up, and stay out of the sun if possible during peak hours.

7. Keep the bugs away. Mosquitos are not only pesky but can carry west nile virus.  So use a safe natural bug repellent, check out Druide -Citronella Bug Products.  In an around Norfolk County is also a hot spot for ticks, that could carry Lyme Disease.  Play it safe dress in light coloured clothing to easily spot ticks, wear clothing that covers arms and legs when walking in wooded areas. Tuck in loose clothing and wear shoes that cover the entire foot. Check yourself and your family for ticks after outdoor activity. Pay special attention to areas such as the groin, scalp and armpits. Tick bites are usually painless.

6. Build in nature time into your summer, research out of Japan demonstrates the practice of forest bathing, time spent in nature lowers stress levels – and could even help fight cancer.  Try to build in a few days of calm time in nature: perhaps gentle hiking, taking in fresher air and beautiful views, and looking at all the wonderful shapes the clouds can make, while listening to the calming sounds of babbling brooks.

Lemonade Recipe

Juice of 3 fresh lemons

5 cups of water

Your choice of natural sweetner,  (stevia, xylitol, maple syrup) to taste

Chill and enjoy.

Sometimes I like to jazz things up by putting my fresh lemonade in a high powered blender with a couple cubes of ice or frozen raspberries!

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